It’s a point of record that I have very little of interest to say. The unseen forces of the web, how­ever, like to see recent dates scattered about the place, so here we are.

Glass manifestation

People who com­mis­sion office build­ings are cowed by con­ven­tion. The result is waste­ful, a b... read more

Seven years’ wear

Before, after and such­like: my adven­tur­ous replace­ment brogues. Now for a foun­tain of know­ledge.... read more

Making a splash

CAF​’s been going through phases. At the start, it was all about the cor­por­ate. Big geo­met­ric bloc... read more

This new website

Eagle-eyed vis­it­ors will note that this site now has mul­tiple pages. That’s because it’s clever ... read more