Sort of in the news

Times it briefly looked like major outlets were accusing me of something and had forgotten a verb or two.

Will Kerry and Amy Wyatt get found out in Emmerdale?, The Sun, 10 October 2019

Will Kerry be tempted by tasty DuPont food ingredients deal?’, Irish Times, 8 August 2019

Will Kerry make another presidential run?’, Fox News, 18 March 2015

Will Kerry strike gold at Lima climate talks?’, BBC News, 11 December 2014

Obama Does Right on Morocco. Will Kerry?’, Commentary, 20 January 2014

Will Kerry’s loose lips save Obama?’, New Yorker, 9 September 2013

Will Kerry talk turkey with Erdogan?’, The Washington Post, 1 March 2013

Will Kerry’s arrival make for longer cabinet meetings?’, The Washington Post, 1 February 2013