A cynical student movement

The Hoar, 2016

Look back and wince with me at the ‘provocative’, asinine and generally unhelpful shit-shoot that accidentally grew an audience of 50,000 students we didn’t want.

The unusual thing about the Hoar, which we ambitiously called satire, was that readers were encouraged to submit articles – a process that took them two clicks and permitted total anonymity. Naturally, this was a terrible idea in practice.

Once the whole thing had got out of control and we’d hastily withdrawn, we bound the Hoar’s eighteen months of output in a great big paperback (a sort of rebuttal to anyone who thought they could say what they wanted because it was the internet) and tried to flog it.

The heels and fishnets came about when it turned out our name had a rude and vulgur homonym. As you probably know, hoar is a heavy frost. Our official student paper was called the Boar, prominently advertised a well-known investment bank and ran native ads for an equally well-known accountancy firm.


*The Hoar*, published 2016.

The Hoar, published 2016.