The Pangolin,

A joke rag for Covid-19

Logo, branding, and a bog-standard WP site.

This was one of the many, many enthusiastic projects borne of the prodding delirium of the first lockdown.

My long-running co-conspirator and I envisaged a quick-fire, classy and vaguely-satirical mouthpiece that would repurpose the Hoar's social media audience to offer solace in a shared experience, to criticise a government riding a wave of popular charitableness, and – naturally – to crack wise.

Screenshot of the4 Pangolin’s landing page.
Our spectacularly simple landing page. It’s all in the Photoshopping.

We opted for a Wordpress backend: its baked-in editorial tooling is (we know from experience) nothing to be sniffed at, plus it's shared-hosting-friendly.

The Pangolin’s logo, which depicts a pangolin and the publication’s name in a serif typeface.
The intentionally baroque masthead…
The Pangolin’s social media avatar.
…and a simpler icon.

Initial dreams of a jamstack architecture were dashed once the articles started to pile up and we had other things on, so I settled on a vanilla Wordpress + ACF frontend. Accordingly, performance is terrible.1

  1. Lighthouse scores are pretty good – the trouble is 'Initial Server Response Time', i.e. my cheapskate hosting can’t manage even a fairly slimmed down WP installation.