Sudbury Rowing Club,

Jamstack site for a sports club

Migrating an established Wordpress site to a neat, cost-effective and modern jamstack architecture

In completion, this project is:

  • a fast, statically-generated Next.js frontend
  • a well-structured backend with a queryable API

...and that’s it.

It replaced a Wordpress site, which was fundamentally effective but awkward to update (thanks to a sitebuilder plugin).

The goal was to replicate the 'functionality' of a massive and esoteric Wordpress site, with a much faster frontend and a much smaller, more manageable backend. Since all nearly all the data on a vanilla Wordpress install is of unhelpfully of type 'raw HTML' in either 'posts' or 'pages', a big primary task was to lay out, digest and organise that data in a way that reduces needless repetition and makes it easier to query.